Monday, August 31, 2009

Want To Know Our Principles?

  1. Principal TADIKA NASYRAH Hentian Kajang;
    Teacher Suhaili Ikhsan; M.Sc in QPI, B.Ec in Industrial Economics, UKM.
    English & Science Co-ordinator. E-mail:

  2. Principal TADIKA NASYRAH KPDN-HEP, Putrajaya;
    Teacher Suriyani Che Kar; B.Ec in Islamic Economics, UKM.
    Maths & Mental Arithmetics Co-ordinator.

  3. Principal TADIKA NASYRAH SPA, Putrajaya;
    Teacher Suhaiza Mustafa; B.Islamic Study, UKM.
    BM & Art n Craft Co-ordinator

  4. Principal TADIKA NASYRAH BBB;
    Teacher Azita; B.Islamic Study UKM.
    Islamic Study Co-ordinator


NASYRAH mission:
"Towards intelligent & smart Muslims and thus can
contribute to the global society."

NASYRAH motto:
"Towards Intelligent Muslims"


Selepas bercuti semester selama seminggu, TADIKA NASYRAH kembali beroperasi hari ini. Berikut merupakan aktiviti yang akan dijalankan sepanjang September-November:
  1. Sept : Latihan untuk Performance Day & Graduation Day bermula
  2. 14 - 17 Sept : Read For Fun Week @ BBB Library
  3. 19 - 27 Sept : Cuti Hari Raya 'Aidil Fitri
  4. 2 October : Sept & October / 'Eidul Fitri Celebration
  5. 15 October : Sesi penggambaran
  6. 26 - 30 Oct : Final Examination
  7. 9 - 13 Nov : Parents' Consultation Week & Pengambilan buku rekod pelajar
  8. 28 Nov : Graduation & Performance Day

Have Fun.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anak-anak pewaris bangsa...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Choosing a right kindy?

"When choosing a school for a young child, look for an environment that engage children in learning in active, exciting ways, and help them feel enthusiastic and positive about mastering new skills & ideas. School should treat children as whole people. They should be places where kids will be positive about learning & develop positive social relationships with peers. School should be a place that encourages children to appreciate both similarities & differences among people. Most importantly school should be a place where play is valued and children are given many opportunities to explore new ideas through play"

Diane Levin, Ph.D
Professor of Education
Wheelock College
Author; Remote Control Childhood


Monday, August 17, 2009


TADIKA NASYRAH is a leading english Islamic Kindergarten in BBB & Putrajaya, and has been managed & owned by 4 UKM graduated students; Teacher Suhaili, Teacher Suriyani, Teacher Suhaiza & Teacher Azita. We offer both full day and half day programs for Muslims kids aged 4-6 years old. We are also provide a nursery for baby - 3 years old at selected centre.

Our teachers are well trained. We have our own teaching guides for the to teachers to make eaching n learning process more enjoyable, fun & easy...

We are happy to provide the best Islamic environment for your children's need in education & social development.

TADIKA NASYRAH syllabus & lesson plans have been designed specially to enhance their abilities to speak in basic English. We also strive harder to make sure to nurture your kids based on Islamic principles. InsyaALLAH....